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I really enjoyed your class and especially being able to see you in action in the scenario reports. The level of interest and questions and comments from the class through the course of the lectures made it a delight to teach; I am a firm believer in the Socratic method that holds that a class should be a dialog between the teacher and the students, and we certainly had that dialog to everyone's benefit. The best classes are ones where I learn things as well and I certainly did with all of you. Good luck and best wishes as you carry and apply the knowledge you are gaining in this class into your business and personal lives.


Some background information:
Internet Tutorials | History of the Internet | Structure of the Internet

Domain Names and Domain Name Registration:
Intro to IP and DNS | Domain Name Registrars List | Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers | ICANN@Large Membership

Site Design
12 Web Page Design Decisions Your Business Will Need to Make from The Web Marketing Info Center
Web Page Design Resources | Web Design Fundamentals | Web Design Standards

Web Hosting
High-End Hosting from Internet World
A Checklist for Buyers Of Hosting Services from Internet World
To Host or Be Hosted? from Internet World
Finding a Web Host

Web Servers:
Comparing E-Commerce Servers An executive Report from Patricia Seybold Group
Web Server Compare from internet.com
ServerWatch > Servers > Web Servers from internet.com
WebServer Magazine
Ecommerce Servers
Allaire ColdFusion
Art Technology Group
Breakthrough Software Inc.
BroadVision eBusiness Solutions
IBM WebSphere Commerce Suite
InterWorld Corporation
iPlanet E-Commerce Solutions
Mercantec E-Commerce Solutions
Microsoft Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition
Open Market E-Business Suite
Oracle E-Business Suite

Staffing for ECommerce
Hiring and Training for E-Commerce

Other items of interest:
Web Developer/Ecommerce Periodicals & Publications |
Daily Reading for Web Developers

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